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Karen Kline of Arlington Heights arrested at Walmart in Somers, Wisconsin (SOURCE: Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office/Somers Walmart image capture September 2021 ©2022 Google).

An Arlington Heights resident was arrested in Somers, Wis., on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 12, 2022 after Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call allegedly made by Karen A. Kline, 52, of Arlington Heights.

9-1-1 dispatchers were unable to obtain an address when Kline called 9-1-1, but Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies were able to locate her as she was parked in her Toyota. silver in front of the Walmart at 3500 Brumback Boulevard in Somers. Kline had said she didn’t know where she was.

Deputies reported that she was shouting and honking her horn while playing anti-police music. A song by the rap group NWA was playing loudly on his stereo with the windows rolled down in his Toyota.

When Kenosha County deputies approached Kline, she drove off while continuing to honk her horn and continue driving through the parking lot. A check of his vehicle’s license plate referenced an earlier call to Chase Bank at 22901 Washington Road in Somers, involving a woman yelling at bank customers.

The vehicle was again located in the parking lot, and when a deputy approached, Kline told her not to approach him, and she rolled up her window. Then Klein rolled down his window and threw three cards out the window. She also shouted to the deputy that he was “working for her” before rolling up her window.

Then the deputy placed strips of studs in front of the passenger-side front tire of her Toyota so she couldn’t drive off. Klein then played the anti-police song again and started honking again. Klein tapped on his car window, then held up a piece of paper telling the deputy to contact his attorney. Then she rolled down the car window again, gave the sheriff’s deputy the middle finger, and told the deputy she was “tired of being called a Nazi.”

The Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to assess his mental state with a series of questions, but Klein refuses to answer any questions. Another deputy responded to help the first deputy and reported that Kline rolled down her window and used her left hand to “punch” the air repeatedly and dance while sitting with her eyes closed. Klein then told the deputy that he had been “fired”. When the deputy asked her what was going on, she reportedly declared “my constitutional rights” and rolled up her window. Another deputy arrived to help the first deputy and reported that Klein rolled down his window and used his left hand to “punch” the air repeatedly while dancing with his eyes closed. When he asked her what was going on, she allegedly declared ‘my constitutional rights and rolled up her window.

When sheriff’s deputies detected the smell of marijuana coming from the Toyota, Klein illegally called 911 and said she couldn’t breathe.

Somers paramedics responded to check on Klein, but she allegedly refused to speak to them and began shouting a variety of insults, such as “you’re killing people” and “you’re scaring me!” Somers paramedics asked the client if she had ID, and she responded by throwing an insurance card out the window and yelling “ask”.

Somers Rescue staff placed a wheel chock on Line’s vehicle to prevent her from driving away. 911 personnel informed deputies that Klein had called Kenosha 9116 times, stating “cops are all around me killing me!” She had also called 911 in several jurisdictions in Illinois.

After several sheriff’s deputies ordered Klein out of the vehicle and she refused to comply, the deputies pulled her from the vehicle and handcuffed her. Sheriff’s deputies noticed she had no shoes and asked her if she needed shoes. She replied “God bless the United States”. She also asked for a sip of water, her Newport cigarettes and her “weed”.

The customer was placed in the back of a police unit while officers searched her vehicle and reportedly found a glass pipe and several THC Vape pens. A green leafy substance allegedly found in the vehicle tested positive for the presence of tetrahydrocannabinols and fentanyl.

Kline was taken to a nearby hospital where she allegedly continued to stir up trouble while insulting assistants and nurses. She said “there will be no drugs or alcohol in my system, but there will be marijuana.”

According to the criminal complaint, Klein had previously been convicted of filing a false alarm/false complaint with 911 and Cook County, Illinois in May 2021. She was arrested at 1:30 p.m. on November 25, 2019 at the Arlington Heights Police Department Headquarters, 200 East Sigwalt Street.

The Kenosha County Jail booking ended at approximately 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

Karen Ann Kline has been charged with…

Possession of narcotics (felony)

Obstruction/resistance and officiating (misdemeanor)

Disorderly conduct (misdemeanor)

Possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor)

Possession of Marijuana/THC (Criminal)

Dial 911 for a fake emergency (Felony)

According to court records, Karen Kline was released from jail on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 1:44 a.m. on bail and bail of $0.00.

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