Darkness Rises celebrates its 4th anniversary with an abundance of new content


Nexon developed and published hack ‘n slash RPG Darkness Rises has begun celebrations of its fourth year in service, dropping a massive update in honor of the loyal fan base that has stayed tuned into the game since its release. releasing in 2018. This new update will bring with it a new raid boss, major improvements to the new player experience, expanded levels, and much more.

Let’s start by highlighting this new raid boss. The demonic Haureth bursts onto the scene, offering an endgame challenge to the most hardcore Darkness Rises players. Haureth will challenge even the toughest players, offering an incredibly tricky and hard to plan skill set. This fight is meant to challenge players who have put years into this game, so make sure you and your raid partners are prepared.

Then what’s potentially even bigger than this new boss is the super-improved newbie experience. New players will now be able to see their own custom data to help them plan their character even further and develop based on that data. Improved adventures, new gear growth, and a good chunk of newbie quests redone will make lower level adventurers have a bit more streamlined and enjoyable experience instead of feeling overwhelmed and losing interest in the game due to a large number of mechanisms and functions. on display.

The other additions are more modest in nature, though the new L-Rank gear sets are absolutely standout, giving late-game players new loot to pursue. This gear is currently the strongest gear available in Darkness Rises and will be your new best to hunt down. Then we have Level Expansions, which will allow players to increase their character’s Awakened Level and Awakened Transfer Level to develop their characters even further. And finally, there will be an assortment of special events to dig into to celebrate this big anniversary as well.

As you can see, there are plenty of deals here to celebrate Darkness Rises’ 4th anniversary. If you want to check it out yourself, you can download Darkness Rises from one of the links below for free and get started! Meanwhile, you can also check the details of everything presented in this article on the official website Darkness Rises website!

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