Most Successful Real Housewives Actor Revealed – From Net Worth To Social Media Followers


There is no denying that the Real Housewives franchise has taken the world by storm.

From fierce fights to incredible intro lines, ladies from different cities have conquered far more than our TVs.

An overview of the 10 most successful housewives in each franchise, according to WeThrift’s data analysis team:



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In the front row is Porsha Williams, a RHOA alum.

Although she only has a net worth of $ 5 million, she outshines others on everything else.

She earns $ 17,000 per social media post.

The Mother-of-One has 6.9 million social media subscribers, 210,000 Google searches each month and 370,000 subscribers on the TikTok video platform.



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Kandi Burruss, also from Atlanta, came in second because she has a longer career than the others.

She first became famous as a member of the Xscape girl group. She’s also done movies, TV shows, has her own YouTube show, has lots of spinoffs, and owns several brands including a sex toy.

She has a net worth of $ 30 million, 9.3 million Instagram followers and earns $ 24,000 per sponsored Instagram post.



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From New York City, Bethenny Frankel steals third place as one of the highest paid housewives to have been on the Bravo show.

With a net worth of $ 70 million, she has done a bit of everything: she has her own podcast, created her own brand of alcohol, has her own nonprofit, has written over 12 books, and has had a lot of airtime.

However, she is not as popular as the other two as she only earns $ 6,000 per sponsored post and has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.



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One of the most talked about housewives, Erika Jayne’s net worth is shockingly only $ 5 million.

Her fortune came mainly from her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, a successful lawyer who fell out of favor.

After filing for divorce, Erika was forced to cut back on her luxury life, but can still rely on her music career and her role as a housewife.

Much like Bethenny, she earns $ 6,000 per sponsored post and has just 2.5 million social media subscribers.



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Another Beverly Hills housewife on the list is Kyle Richards, who has been on the show since season one.

After appearing in countless movies and shows as a child star with over 63 credits, she has amassed a net worth of $ 100 million.

With over 3.6 million social media subscribers, she earns over $ 9,000 per sponsored post.



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Another former TV star and model, Lisa Rinna is on the Bravo Verse Sixth Most Successful Housewives list.

With a net worth of $ 10 million, Lisa has written three books, owns over 163 IMDB credits and has over 3.1 million social media subscribers.



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Nene Leakes, another former Atlanta housewife, is number seven on the list.

The original Atlanta housewife, who appeared on shows and sang a few songs, has a net worth of over $ 14 million and earns $ 10,000 per sponsored social media post.

She was able to accumulate more than 4 million subscribers on Instagram.



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Once known as the Queen of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump is still very successful.

With a net worth of over $ 90 million from her numerous restaurants and spin-offs, she has earned $ 7,000 per sponsored post. However, she doesn’t measure up to Lisa Rinna among social media followers with just 2.8 million.



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Teresa Giudice is not going to like it because her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, makes the list and she doesn’t.

The New Jersey housewife is worth $ 3 million and earns $ 6,000 per sponsored social media post.

Yolande Hadid


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And finally, Yolanda Hadid, who was a regular at the Beverly Hills franchise.

Now known as the mom of Gigi and Bella Hadid, she was also one of the most successful and coveted models of her time.

With a net worth of over $ 45 million, Yolanda earns over $ 9,000 per sponsored post and has over 3.7 million subscribers.

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