What is Liz Hurley’s net worth? The actress is devastated after her son, Damian, is severed from the £ 180million will of former partner Steve Bing


Liz Hurley (full name Elizabeth Hurley) has expressed her devastation upon learning that her son, Damian, has been left out of his own family’s fortune. According to a report of the Daily Mail, she felt “betrayed” and “devastated” that Damian Hurley was denied his share of his father’s fortune.

The report further stated that the stake could have reached 180 million pounds sterling (around 250 million dollars).

The 56-year-old shares her son with the late American businessman Steve Bing. In June 2020, the film producer tragically committed suicide at the age of 55.

The founder of Shangri-La Entertainment had always been estranged from his son, Damian. The New York native also reportedly released a statement saying he was not his father in 2001.

However, in 2019, Bing started reaching out to the 18-year-old.

What is Liz Hurley’s net worth?

Several sources report that the old British model is worth around $ 35-50million (£ 25-36million).

Liz Hurley began her modeling career in 1995 when she became the spokesperson for luxury skin care company Estée Lauder. She has also been a model for Jordache, Lancel, MQ Clothiers of Sweden, Got Milk? Patrick Cox, and more.

The actress has also appeared three times on the cover of British Vogue.

Liz Hurley made her first film appearance in “Aria (1987)”, and her filmography includes “Passenger 57”, “Bedazzled” and the series “Austin Powers”. Hurley has also starred in popular TV series such as “Gossip Girl” as Diana Payne, “The Royals” as Queen Helena, “Runaways” and she has also appeared as a guest judge on “RuPaul’s Drag. Race UK “.

The businesswoman would also lead a lavish lifestyle. Liz Hurley is said to be living in a 13-bedroom Herefordshire house, which includes stables, a lake and a tennis court. His property is said to be worth $ 11million (£ 7million).

Testament of Liz Hurley, Damian Hurley and Steve Bing

The late Steve Bing has filed a lawsuit against his father, Peter, regarding the inclusion of Damian and his daughter (Kira Bonder) in the family trust fund inheritance. The fund, created by Bing’s grandfather Leo, is said to be worth more than $ 1 billion (£ 725 million).

Liz Hurley with her son Damian (Image via BBC and Getty Images)
Liz Hurley with her son Damian (Image via BBC and Getty Images)

However, news of Damian Hurley’s exclusion from the legacy comes just a week after the anniversary of Steve’s death. The 19-year-old model shared a post on Instagram, sharing her thoughts on her father’s disappearance.

It is reported that the deprivation of Damian’s fortune was done at the will of Peter, his grandfather.

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