What is the net worth of Fivio Foreign? Rapper spells ‘FU**CHILD SUPPORT’ with money, sparks controversy


On January 23, rapper Fivio Foreign sparked controversy after posting a photo of himself with stacks of cash spelling out “FU**CHILD SUPPORT.” The post received more than 180,000 likes in ten hours, and generated a lot of interest behind the context of such a photo, which was not explained by the rapper.

The caption that accompanied the photo read:

“Good fathers don’t have to pay child support. [sic]”

The controversial post comes after Fivio and girlfriend Jasmine Giselle reportedly welcomed their second child together in April last year.

Fivio and Jasmine Giselle (Image via fivioforeign_8fs and jasmine.foreign/Instagram)
Fivio and Jasmine Giselle (Image via fivioforeign_8fs and jasmine.foreign/Instagram)

the big drop The rapper’s Instagram post confused his followers as the 31-year-old didn’t provide any context behind the photo. It is not known if the message was addressed to Jasmine Giselle or someone else. If the presented money is used to pay alimony to Giselle, it hints at their separation.

In 2020, Fivio Foreign was accused of being violent towards Giselle during her pregnancy. Later, it was clarified by the latter that “a nosy neighbor called the police” after “a situation arose” at their home.

How much is Fivio Foreign worth?

Fivio is estimated to have a net worth of around $2-5 million. Most of his fortune comes from around 11 years of professional career as a rapper. He first gained attention when he performed in a band with his friends called 800 foreign side, which was created in 2013.

Foreign received massive popularity with his 2019 single, “Big Drip”, which has since been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

A few months after the song’s release, the New York native signed a deal with rapper Mase’s Rich Fish Records under Sony’s Columbia music label. The deal only included production rights and was worth around $1 million.

The artist who presumably owns the publishing rights to their music has the ability to monetize the music and receive royalties. This means that Fivio Foreign receives a cut when their music is streamed or used in any content.

He would have two EPs, i.e. 2019 pain and love and 2020s 800 BC, which peaked atop the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart at #1 in 2020.

Fivio is also set to release its first studio album titled BIBLE in the future. As a rapper, he has already collaborated with artists like 808Melo, Kanye West, Lil Tjay, Mase and Pop Smoke, among others.

According to a 2020 post from Complex, the rapper is also considering starting his own record label, Foreign secondary files, which would further increase his fortune.

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